25th Anniversary of career


 The night of December 9, 2017 will be in memory of the select group that participated in the event commemorating the 25 year career and 40th anniversary of Oscar Casares’ life. A party full of surprises and excitement.

 Whoever came to the Monastery of Tibães met two guards of honor and their magnificent white horses, flanking the noble staircase. The staircase was lit by hundreds of tapers. In the gloom of the cold night, something like a fairy tale cames.

 The guests, strictly dressed in baroque and carnival-inspired clothing from Venice, went inside the Monastery accompanied by the Dream Metaphor who, imbued with the legendary spirit of the Celts, encouraged the reception. Through the long walk, full of flowers, and even to the Chapter Hall, a small exhibition of costumes by the artist, as well as projections of his most significant pictorial works, was glimpsed. It was already in the room that happened the gala concert, in charge of the orchestra Bracara Ensemble and with interventions of mezzo-soprano Cristina Gonçalves.

 At the sound of trumpet and Lully’s "Te Deum", Oscar Casares arrived at the concert wearing a magenta Venetian silk damask cover, purposely woven, adding a gold carved stick and accessories co-produced with the famous Atelier Marega in Venice.

 After the removal of the cover, a black suit was unveiled that was fully developed in the atelier Oscar Casares; Made in moirée and guipura, fully executed and embroidered by hand, with thousands of stones (true onyx, jet and Swarovski gems). Featured in the magnificent gold ring and carved with natural ruby. The ring was held, in Porto, in the jewelry workshop Fernando Moreira.

 Sitting in an gilded carving armchair and velvet, under a blue dais, he attended the concert as if he had left the court of Versailles of the XVIII.

 At the end of the concert, the "king" and his entourage went to the fireplace room of the Tibães Convent Hostel, which was decorated to receive the banquet and the most playful party of the entire program.
Songs inspired by Moroccan sounds animated the guests, who had fun the rest of the evening, tasting a varied menu.

 At the end of the evening, was elected the most elegant guest, who received as a prize an ASUS hybrid computer.

 It is noteworthy the fabulous team led by Helena Martins and Dr.ª Carla Dias - coordinator of the Monastery of Tibães - committed to the maximum so that everything would proceed in the best way.

 According to the guests: "The anniversary jubilee and artistic silver jubilee party ..." (was) "... at the highest level ...", "... Holliwodesco ..." (where) " ... suddenly we enter and live the best of the Baroque and Carnival times of Venice ... "," ... The Monastery of St. Martin of Tibães has gained even more splendor and charm ... "(one)," ... such a magnificent party ... "," ... beautiful ... "(as)," ... there was never any in this city and its surroundings ... "" ... Thank you Oscar Casares. "

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