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Oscar Casares when visited the school where he studied accompanied by Maria de Lourdes Magalhães


OSCAR CASARES was born in Braga, Portugal on the eighth of December of 1977. He graduated cum laude from the General Arts Course in Braga; his teacher and mentor was Maria de Lourdes Magalhães. In 1990 Oscar started his career and in 1993 was invited as the official portrait artist for the Belo-Belo Gallery by director Maria Fernanda Paes Moreira. At this time, the painter Luís Pinto-Coelho also invited Oscar to join him in Madrid. Oscar has been recognized for his work as costume designer by painter Pepa Carrilho - Vice-President of the ATC, Madrid.


Oscar Casares with the Belo-Belo Gallery director his manager 1992/2001


Received European Second Place for Painting on "How To Face The Fear", European Itinerant Exhibition - 1996; Exhibition gallery of the Municipal Museum of Vouzela - 1997; European Painting Award “European Community” - Brussels - 1997; Project “Relive the Past” in the Museum of Saint Martin Monastery - Tibães, Portugal - 1998; Nogueira da Silva Museum, Braga - 1999; Show to help the victims of the floods in Mozambique and projects of solidarity to support children at risk - 2000 until the present; AYIC - New York - 2000/2001; Project “In Memory of Women of the Royal House of Braganza”, invited by the European Heritage Days - 2001; Executed all the pictorial work - Frei Aleixo Church, Évora - 2001/2002; Oscar is honored with the invitation of the Portuguese Diocese to paint the last official portrait of Pope John Paul II. The portrait received the recognition and high regard from His Holiness in 2004; Panel “Salve Regina”, Main Altar in Sameiro´s Sanctuary Crypt, Braga 2005/2006 - recognition by Pope Benedict XVI - 2007; Executed all paintings for the International Centre of the C O - Fatima - 2007/2008; Painted portrait of Nicole Kidman with the gratitude and admiration of the actress - 2008. In 2008 the portrait of Nicole Kidman by Oscar Casares, became the most popular painted portrait ever of actriz (artebreak); "Virtues of the soul as eclipsed by the diva Madonna" -2008/2009; "The Eucharist" Secular Benedictine Order - Brazil - 2009; Oscar Casares was invited to the second exhibition of “Contemporary International art” of the Museum of the Americas’, Miami, United States - 2009; Florence Biennale - Italy - 2009; "Eternal Meditation" Ordinis Carmelitorum Ex Calcietorum - 2009/2010; The Golden Triangle Association of fine Arts invit Casares to participate in the International Art fair - Taza, Maroco - 2010; That Gallery (Unwrap your mind art exhibition) - Hong Kong - 2010;  " Santa Maria de Serra Clara" Secular Benedictine Order - Brazil; " The Story of the Nativity Scene "Saint Martin Monastery's exhibition gallery - 2011; painting and couture exhibition entitled "From Hands Born" - Museum Pius XII - Braga, Portugal - 2012/2013; Oscar Casares is invited to the Worldwide Art Los Angeles, United States - 2014; Portrayed His Holiness Pope Francis - Vatican - 2014. At the end of that year Pope Francis receives personally Oscar Casares and ordain to expose His portrait by Casares in St. Peter’s Square. At this meeting The Pontiff suggests Casares to paint "Madonna with Angels". The artist accepted the challenge and he has painted "Virgen Desatanudos de Galicia" - 2014/2015. The artwork received the best care worldwide being considered Official Marian Icon of Galicia and is permanently exposed to the worship in the Santuario De Nuestra Señora De O Corpiño - Galicia, Spain - 2015; Portrait of His Holiness Pope Francis by Oscar Casares in the Galleria dei ritratti dei Pontefici dei Musei Vaticani/Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo. - Rome, Italy - 2015; Sanctuary of Our Lady of O Corpiño - Galicia, Spain - 2015; Cathedral of Lugo, Spain - 2016; "Le Soleil Noir" - Event and exhibition commemorating the 25 years of the career - Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães - Braga, Portugal - 2017; Oscar Casares was invited to the exhibition Monaco Yacht Show with high sponsorship of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco - 2018.


Oscar’s work is exhibition in over 300 private collections throughout the world - Australia, Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Vatican. His website shows his most recent and recognized paintings, other genre and projects.

Oscar has led and developed the project "Diary of a Dream", which aims to sensitize the community to the problem of institutionalized children. He has organized exhibitions, conferences, plays and a trip to Africa (2007), in order to raise funds and draw attention to the objectives of this program and this social problem.

Casares was invited to join the following groups - Invitations were made by members of the groups mentioned:

Art modern world S - Voltaceleste; AIBACC - Asociación Internacional de Barcelona Arte y Cultura Contemporánea; AIME - Art International Magazine Enligne; Académie de Peinture - Gérard Dubois; Academy of Realist Art Boston; Cristian Dior; Art in Paris - L’art à Paris; BES - Ate & Finança - Arte Contemporanea; Best contemporary fine artists – Mejores artistas contemporaneous; Contemporary Fine Art of Lincoln Maynard; Comunicationcon Chile; Digital Art, Illustration, Painting , Graphic Design;
Dal 21 al 23 Maggio 2010 – Festival dell’arte contemporanea; Friends of the Cardinal de la Ville; Florence Biennale; Global Art; Hollywood Stars; Louvre Museum; London Lux , Guest List to All VIP Clubs; Miglioriamo l’Ospedale Umberto I di Siracusa - La Sanità Siracusana; New Romantic Movement ; Opera de Paris (Garnier & Bastille); The Academy of Fine Arts & Graphic Designer; The Friends of Argentina; Warner Bros; WAF World Art Foundation II.


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